1. How To Install Talbot Mirrors on a 190SL

    Today we are going over how to install Talbot Mirrors on a 190SL.


    Tools Needed:



    15/64th Drill Bit

    Tape Measure

    Masking Tape


    Center Punch


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  2. PAGODA FEST 2019

    We are going to PAGODA FEST 2019!

    Official Sponsor

    Vintage Euro Parts will be a sponsor at Pagoda Fest 2019 in San Diego California. Dates will be October 3rd through the 5th. Tickets are available now through


    This is a festival by Pagoda Group for Pagoda enthusiasts. Owners as well as enthusiasts can get together in one place and swap stories, pictures, restorations and knowledge. There will be events such as Parts Marketplace, Discussions, Poker Night and even a cruise through San Diego. 


    Venues will be

    • The Flower Fields in Carlsbad CA
    • Encinitas Ranch Golf Club in Encinitas CA
    • The Grand Palisades Resory in Carlsbad CA


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  3. 190Sl Tech Information



    Three workshop manuals are available which are pertinent to the 190SL. We no longer stock these manuals but can order them. They are 190 Service Manual (#S1207-000), the Suppliment Manual (#S-1204-111) and the 180-220SE Service Manual (#S1201-000.) The most popular and complete are the 190 Service Manual and the Suppliment Manual.



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  4. W113 Tech Information



    Workshop manuals are available so that you can do your own work. These are the same manuals that your dealer uses. S-6510-1402-13 is meant for cars starting Aug 1959. This includes the 230SL, 250SL, and others. For 280SL order S-6510-1404-13. Cars with automatic transmissions need manual S-1200-000. These manuals are all that should be required to do many repairs yourself or bring them to a local shop so they can do a proper job.


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  5. Legends of Autobahn 2012

    I’m very excited to announce that Vintage Euro Parts will be participating at the Legends of Autobahn 2012. Our company will be hosting a vendor table on Friday, August 17, 2012 in Carmel Valley, CA.

    This One-Day MBCA National Special Event brings enthusiasts, owners, and aficionados of distinctive German cars together to view four of the finest marques in the world. The event will feature separate club concours judging sites and combined corral parking areas.

    Visit the events website for more information:

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  6. Techno Classica- Essen

    I was extremely excited during my 11 hour flight from LAX to arrive in Germany. This was going to be my first attendance at the largest classic car show held in Europe. I wanted to understand and get an appreciation for the value of the classic Mercedes-Benz in Europe. This show was a delightful treat. The show cars were impeccable and the hosts of the show put out the red carpet and treated their guest with the up most hospitality.

    At first when you arrive at the Convention center, it seems like a small gathering, until the itinerary is reviewed and you realize that there are thirteen showrooms with thousands of show cars displayed. The food vendors were spectacular!! How much better can it get than sitting in the midst of the most popular and sought after cars while drinking your German beer

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  7. Classic Beauty – Mercedes Benz in Classic Film

    Over the years, Mercedes Benz has been putting out cars not only turning heads on the street, but also
    on the silver screen. Hollywood has looked to the iconic brand to symbolize class and embody wealth
    and refinement in its characters and on its sets.

    Here are some memorable models from the 50′s and 60′s that made appearances on the big screen:

    190 SL Roadster
    This two-door, 4-speed manual convertible was produced between 1955 and 1963. It featured double
    wishbone suspensions in the front and swing axles at the rear. It was used in the films High Society,
    starring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby in 1956, and The Thrill of It All, starring Doris Day in
    1963. It has been featured in many other films in each decade ever since.

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  8. California Legacy License Plate Program

    New legislation is offering vehicle owners of Classic cars the opportunity to purchase replicas of California license plates similar to those issued in the 1950′s, 1960′s, and 1970′s.


    posted on Feb 11, 2013
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  9. Diamond Firewall Pad used in a restoration project that won Sponsor’s Best Award in Atlanta, GA

    1969 280SL Sponsor’s Best Award

    Recently, the Diamond Pattern Firewall Pad was used on a car that won a Sponsors Best Award in Atlanta, GA.

    Congrats to winning and restoring

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  10. StarFest 2012

    Are you Going?

    posted on Aug 18, 2012
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