Today we are going over how to install Talbot Mirrors on a 190SL.


Tools Needed:



15/64th Drill Bit

Tape Measure

Masking Tape


Center Punch


Block of Wood


The First Step is to decide where you are going to place the mirrors

We decided to a little farther up the fender by the wheel arches.


Once you decide where you would like them, mask off the area where you will be working and marking measurements to protect the paint.




Take a tape measure and measure from the corner of the door down the fender to mark where the rear of the bracket will be placed. (To double check and make sure you are exact when you transfer to the other side, measure from the headlight trim ring bracket backwards as well).




Next to get it centered on top of the fender arch. Take a piece of string and tape it centered on the headlight bucket and have some one sight you as you stretch the string centered down the fender.




Have your helper mark the center so you know where the bracket needs to be placed




Now that you have the lines marked out, place the bracket centered on long line and the rear of the bracket on the short line and trace around it


With the outline traced you are now ready to take your center punch and mark the center of the holes to drill (For added saftey have your helper hold a small piece of wood on the underside of the fender to prevent any large dents when marking with the center punch)


Grab your drill and drill out the holes making sure the drill bit does not walk or move




The last and final step is to mount your mirror and stand back and admire your work




Posted on Mar 5, 2019