Introduction to the Diamond Pattern Firewall Pad

The Diamond Pattern Firewall is made of a material that is specific for sound deadening and insulation. The product is GUARANTEED to reduce noise, heat, and vibrations that come through the engine compartment. In addition, the firewall pad is fire retardant. The Diamond Pattern Firewall is directly stamped with the exact original diamond pattern thus it is one piece and has an adhesive backing for an easy peel and stick.
The Diamond Pattern Firewall is a perfect color match to the original with a matte finish. The firewall in a car built in the 50’s or 60’s is now at least 50 years old and is dirty and dingy. When it was fresh off the assembly line, it was crisp, clean and sparkling.
Caveat Emperor- Mercedes-Benz discontinued the production of the firewall pad. Please contact Vintage Euro Parts for more information on how to restore your engine compartment with the Diamond Pattern Firewall pad.
A major concern when restoring your classic Mercedes-Benz should be finding a firewall pad that won’t cause long term damage to the body of the vehicle. When using felt or a jute backed products, unwanted moisture can easily cause early deterioration. Felt backing is sticky and becomes dry and brittle and begins to disintegrate after a couple years. If the material is not glued to each other directly it will eventually peel back from the underlying foam or felt backing.
I apologize to my customers that have mistakenly purchased the Pagoda Firewall Pad under the belief that it’s the Diamond Pattern Firewall Pad. Unfortunately, the launching of the Diamond Pattern Firewall Pad and the Pagoda Firewall Pad happened simultaneously and a lot of confusion has been made in regards to both of these aftermarket Mercedes-Benz Firewall Pads.
The Pagoda Firewall Pad that is being sold by a few members of the SL113 Group and the product was launched at the same time the Diamond Firewall pad was released. The Pagoda Firewall pad has several pieces and must be assembled with glue prior to assembly the Diamond Firewall pad is ready to install with an adhesive backing for easy peel and use.

Vintage Euro Parts has invested valuable time, effort, and skills creating a pad that our customer base has demanded. Our company has invested numerous hours and funds to research a product that will be superior to anything being offered on the Mercedes-Benz market.
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